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Hi my name is Grace and I like to read, write + fashion/graphic design and I abhor veggies + twitbuggers. I'm from EPPS/SHPS/NYGH/ISB (yes, I know, extensive) and I take Spanish as a third language! I really love Broadway *and* Taylor Swift. And random stuff like the soundtrack of the movie Once.

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if you want something, you call, call
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I'll come running
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Tuesday, March 31, 2009 / 5:13 AM
But It's Over Now

Definitely not one of my best skins, but you know you'd like to leave a comforting comment anyway...

Am kind of depressed. Spent ages on the image and the blogskin ended up a major fluke.

Am going off for dinner, BTH.

I'll come running,

Sunday, March 29, 2009 / 2:46 AM

My Fair Lady!
Strange how finishing a movie can change your perception of the actors immediately. When I first began watching My Fair Lady, I thought it was incredibly boring, Audrey Hepburn was sadly whiny and Rex Harrison was far too old to play Mr. Higgins. Then, at the end, I hated the ending but loved the movie overall, adored Audrey Hepburn, and had a crush (JK lah) on Rex Harrison. No, I didn't have a crush on him, but his character is so adorable! I love how their characters seem so irritating but they grow on you and you become fond of them, almost. Except the ending is just so ghastly, really. It's so anticlimax. Plus it's sexist.

Just did a list of the things I bought over this super long weekend, and I found out I bought so much stuff I can't even remember all the prices, let alone all the items I bought. But if I remember correctly -and according to what I do remember- I must've spent about 100 SGD. Or more. Oops.

Anyway, consoling thought is that some of the products (I won't say 'most') are going on InVogue BKK! Need to update it now.

I'll come running,

Friday, March 27, 2009 / 11:59 PM
And The Flashback Starts


I'll come running,

/ 9:04 PM
It's The Kind Of Ending You Don't Really Wanna See

My Awesome Tag Replies!

Jovana :]]: Omgg ! The picturee thingiess are AMAZING ! How do youu do themm ?!
Photoshop :X You just play with all the effects, yah.

sandra: no, grace, I can't tell the difference between the original and edited twilight image. (sensible and incredible post)
Sarcasm detected.

cy: hahaha yes I spam my mum's cybershot with pictures of my nameplates too XD and white is usually see-through, sigh.
Haha yeah but I clicked on 'delete images after downloading' or whatever so now my camera is devoid -or whatever the word is- of pictures of bags and accessories :D UPDATE YOUR BLOGSHOP. pokepoke.

I'll come running,

/ 8:50 PM
They're Trying To Tell Me How To Feel

A random quiz stolen from Tata's friend Carissa's blog. Haven't done memes in aeons, it seems ;D

Write the names of 21 friends you can think off the top of your head,
And then answer the qusetion.
After doing this, tag your 21 friends to do the same [:

  1. Tata
  2. Marissa
  3. Ching Ying
  4. Jlee
  5. John
  6. Zhongxuan
  7. Danielle
  8. Natalie
  9. Pingghee
  10. Mita
  11. Nimarta
  12. Nimanee
  13. Jeremy
  14. Jonathan (Tan)
  15. Candice
  16. Kimberley
  17. Darren (ahma sounds so weird now)
  18. Fiona
  19. Junhui
  20. IDONTKNOW. um. um. um. HUIRAN!
  21. Jayne.

How did you get to meet 7?

What will you do if you & 15 never met ?
- Life wouldn't be the same ):

What will you do if 20 & 1 date ?
- Huiran and Tata? I'd laugh and then sober up and say, "Are you SERIOUS?"

Have you ever seen 17 cry?
- I wish.

Would 4 & 16 be a good couple?
- Jlee and Kimberley!!!

Do you think 11 is attractive?
- Nimarta is hot ;D jkjk.

What is 2's favourite color?
- Marissa- eep I don't know! White?

What was the last time you talk to 9?
- Pingghee, face to face? Early this year.

What language does 8 speak?
- Natnatnatalie! Malay right. and chinese. and english. and pencilspeak. and lots of other fun languages :D

Who is 13 going out with?

What grade is 12 in?
- 8 ;D

Would you ever date 17?
- ughno.

Where does 18 live?
- singaporrreeeeee

What is the best thing about 3?
- I can laugh my butt off with her and nobody cares.

What would you like to tell 10 rite now?
- you should become an american citizen and join american idol and wow simon cowell's frown right off.

What is the best thing abt 20?
- she is the awesomenest, funniest senior :D

Have you ever kiss 5?

What was the best memory you have with 21?
- idk.

Whens the next time you're gonna see 6?
- zhongxuan? not sure. maybe in april? idk.

How is 14 & 12 different?
- one's a guy and one's a girl.

Is 19 pretty?
- yesss :D

What was your 1st impresion of 11?
- nimarta? smart? ;D

How did you meet 20?
- angelandmortal, when I thought she was weixin and she laughed ):

Is 1 your best friend?
- tata? reaally really awesome friend but chingying's butt won't shove off the best friend chair.

Is 16 good at socializing?
- yes :D

Do you know a secret about 9?
- dontthinkso.

Describe the r/s between 12 & 18 :
- theydontknoweachother?

What's the best thing about your friendship with 9?
- we both love crazy things?

Whats the worst thing about 6?
- nothing? maybe he sleeps late instead of getting beauty sleep, but that's not (really) a bad thing. right.

Have you ever had a crush on 12?
- yes I think nimanee's hot too. JK LAH.

Does 14 have bf/gf?
- don't think so? JT DO YOU HAVE A GF? o_o

Have you ever wanted to punch 1 in the face?
- yesssssssno. ;D

Has 21 met ur mother?
- dontthinkso?

How did u get to meet 15?

Did you ever physically hurt 3?
- yesssssssssssssssssssssssno. right. right. right. unless you count poking in the ribs. ;DDD

Do you live close to 7?
- danielle? yesssssssssssssssby like thousands of miles maybe?

What's 8's favourite food?
- natalie? graaaahidontknowpfft! ;_; I'm such a *great* friend.

What kinda car does 1 have?
- she has a jaguar which we love driving around in. HAHAHA. jk.

Have you ever travelled anywhere with 9 before?
- pingghee... no.

If you give 14 $100 wad will he/she spent on?
- no idea, really.

from this quiz I can tell that I am a really bad friend cos I said idk like a lot. ;_;

I'll come running,

/ 8:43 PM
You Know, I Haven't Seen You Around Before

This is where you click on the image above and patronise our all-important, all-good, all-chic blogshop!

Pfft, I just saw the Thursday L!fe paper, and the ad for Urban... They had that terrier-shaped bag I saw in Platinum on Thursday! I knew I should've gotten it for InVogue! Then I could've like gotten the Urban image off the Internet or something and posted it together with the bag. Everybody likes to have stuff that's been featured in fashion pages. Right.

Anyway, InVogue BKK now has 2 bags and 2 accessories up for sale. The bags are one-off pieces so hurry up, but the accessories can be ordered however many times you like :D

So clicketyclick on that image like NOW! Thanks.

I'll come running,

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 / 8:37 AM
I Thought This Place Was Heaven Sent

I am in love with She & Him!

It's a band, by the way, not an Urban-sponsored blogshop or something. It's Zooey Deschanel's band! I knew she was multi-talented :D

It's so indie. If you love the Juno soundtrack, try She & Him. So far I've listened to I Thought I Saw Your Face Today & I Was Made For You (listen to I Thought... at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfCBJR55GYE and I Was Made... at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njFuy7jCirE).

I'll come running,

/ 8:08 AM
Don't Know How Long It's Gonna Take To Feel Okay


I'll come running,

/ 7:58 AM
He Is Sensible And So Incredible

can you tell the difference? can you?
is it nice?

I'll come running,

/ 7:43 AM
I'm Really Just A Loser Who's Getting In Your Way

Ok, lots of updates.

Today, went to Mum's tuition where I got bored and nearly broke my neck reading for two hours straight.

Then went to Platinum fashion mall where I got heaps of stuff and if it wasn't for all the heat and lack of oxygen and my achy-wakey feet I would've stayed there for like, fortyeight hours straight, that place is just awesome.

So I bought (I know, I know, I should cut down... but seriously, when you're shopping, each purchase feels like the first):
  1. these really really awesome colourful sneakers for 290 baht which is like, really cheap, it's like, what, 15 SGD? they're purple on one side and pink on the other, and have rainbow laces that are kind of on the short side but really pretty :D
  2. two flower-shaped hairties, one is this brilliant green and the other is white with black polka dots.
  3. a white chiffon top with ballooney sleeves and silver sequins that is really pretty. it's supposed to be for my confirmation so my mum and I were trying like all our white skirts with it today but I look so... old and pregnant with it so she told me to try on her white dress, which I did, and it makes my calves look so damn fat. so she said ok we'll think about it and tomorrow when she goes to the tailor we might tailor a dress. cos we saw all these pretty ones at platinum but they were all like, skimpy, or the lining was bad, or it was SEE-THROUGH.
  4. red quilted patent clutch/pouch/slingbag thing! it's for invogue bkk, and it's my first purchase for the blogshop! I've already taken ten thousand pictures of it so I'll edit them and post them onto the blog. yay yay yay! I would've bought another one cos I'm getting two ultimately, but the pretty pastel yellow sling bag I wanted was so damn ex and the shopkeepers wouldn't even smile at us.
  5. I think that's all o.o

and then I finished reading who's that girl? by alexandra potter, and she is like, my favourite author now, she writes so damn well. who's that girl is soooooo awesome. really. it's about this thirty-one y/o woman who meets herself when she's 21, and she's gonna give her old self all this advice but in the end learns something from her old self. romantic comedy, come to mama :D

going to do more photoshopping now. I'm thinking of doing a black and white sketchy skin with dotted lines. not sure. or a purple-pink gradient collage. hmm.

I'll come running,

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 / 7:42 AM
Traffic In My Head

Gossip girl collages (not that different but my original, the second one, doesn't look that good so I edited it). say hello to my source!
okay gtg for nighttimesleepsnoozezz.

I'll come running,

/ 7:28 AM
If You Love Me Leave Me Alone

Am currently trying to make GG collages in increasingly's style. She's sooo good at blending! Might post image here when I'm done: my mother's already been in my room to tickle me and remind me to go to bed. :X

I'll come running,

/ 7:13 AM
I Feel It In My Toes

Two blogskins submitted.

Okay, I realize this one is pretty bad. Somehow the image just doesn't work out. But nvm it's 9.15 I'm gonna try to come up with another image inspired by increasingly because her blending is so damn good, really. It makes me remember why I don't get SOTDs, because there are such genius-y people out there.

[for the meaning of above, check with chingying, she'll gladly fill you in.]

I'll come running,

/ 4:24 AM
My Heart Did Fly

Copy and paste the following code (replacing all { brackets with angled ones) to help spread the word! :) Click the image to access site.
{a href="http://www.theartcollaboration.blogspot.com"}{img id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5316713829498937650" style="DISPLAY: block; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; WIDTH: 400px; CURSOR: hand; HEIGHT: 300px; TEXT-ALIGN: center" alt="" src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_680yCV3KOo8/ScjDDwuw4TI/AAAAAAAABVU/GZQs3DXejXw/s400/1.png" border="0" /}{/a}

I'll come running,

/ 3:27 AM
Romeo, Save Me

From my world of gossip, entertainment and general slack. I need to wake up so bad so my grade won't go down any further. Romeo, can you help?

Haven't done any tag replies in aeons so here:

24 Mar 09, 17:44
chingying: don't worry, I think it'll take a lot of habit cultivation before we can read the Straits Times' so-called boring articles.
I certainly hope so, yah? Still, it'll be good for all of us if I could ace a politics/economy know-it-all quiz on Facebook, instead of a stupid one like who's married to who.
23 Mar 09, 22:01
Sherilyn: BTW, love the rock the world image. MAKE IT INTO A BLOGSKIN NOW! (:
23 Mar 09, 21:34
Sherilyn: LOL. Nary adore Sherilyn, n'adore Grace. (or something along that lines, French isn't that good.) And yes. You are OBSESSED. With HMMA stuff. XD Just trying to squeeze all this into ONE tag(: SUCCESS!
Nary gusta Grace. Nary no le gusta Sherilyn. Hah, you admitted French isn't that good! I bolded it for future reference and evidence. HAHAHAHA. I am less obsessed now, thank goodness, though I still like the Louisa ring (: And I am going to make the blogskin, so chillax.
23 Mar 09, 21:18
sandra: [Grace is obsessed with rings and earrings from HMMA! O: ]
23 Mar 09, 21:06
sandra: I'm still gonna blame your posts. (: nah, jk.
I don't care if you blame my posts cos everyone else still loves me (: Haha jk.

I'll come running,

/ 3:25 AM
My Daddy Said, Stay Away From Juliet

Yeah, Romeo, didn't you know, she's a shallow stuck-up drug addict.

Just kidding.

Am going to make some random HSM icons or something, then do my rock the world blogskin. Except I don't realllly like the phrase 'rock the world'. Maybe I'll just do two versions. One for this blog.

I'll come running,

Monday, March 23, 2009 / 5:54 AM
Wake Up

I am going to Make A Difference, and it's going to start by saving money (I. Will. Not. Buy. Earrings. &. Sell. Mine. Off. Instead), saving water (mug for brushing teeth!!) and... and.. studying for chapter 9 test. eep.

I'll come running,

/ 5:19 AM
All My Life I've Made Excuses


I think I'm going to end up like, spending a lot of money. Which is why I can't wait till Wednesday -the start of my shopping spree!- when hopefully I can find stuff that will enable me to save money and not like, become bankrupt cos of handmakemyaccessories.bs.com. Jean will get less business but I'm still buying the Louisa ring hello... :D


One day, I should like, spend a year in some super-poor place to knock sense into me. Why is it some people are born with this quality, the ability to like, live frugally and humble and everything? And the rest, like me, are born with the complete inability to resist beyewtiful stuff like handmade rings that are priced 17.90 and get heart attacks when they're not reserved for you?

Shhhpppfft I should get off this subject it's 7.30PM and I haven't done any homework, I am so dead.

I'll come running,

/ 5:00 AM
You Know Exactly What To Do

I have zero hope left even in being his friend.

I sometimes feel that angmohs get all the luck. Because they are, most of the time, slim and pretty, and if they are smart, it's like, this, whole-package hamper, you know? It's so unfair ):

I suddenly feel very, very dumb. I'm serious. I will never have the smart-ness and awesome-ness to pick up The Straits Times and go, Wow, this is interesting! [I only read it when they really have interesting stuff, like murders, or a celebrity got arrested for fraud or something sensational like that. Never global economy crisis. That's how shallow I am. Pfft!]

I am dying for the Rose earrings. (20 dollars! WHY!)

Okay, I know why.


I still feel very dumb, and materialistic, and sad. I MUST STRIVE TO BE A BETTER PERSON! Which is why, I am going to try to sacrifice part of my summer and either volunteer for Ryan's Well, or go to Panya and eat vegetables everyday and help farm and stuff.

Oh dear.

I'll come running,

Sunday, March 22, 2009 / 6:33 AM
Rock The World

Coming up next, probably Tuesday cos I've got tuition tmr: Rock The World navigational blogskin. I'm thinking of using the font Violation as shown in the pic, but I may change the cream colour to white, what do you think? Inspired by drogue-designs. I think I'll go on a navigational-skin spree next, lol. Planning a splatter navi skin too. Like, a huge splatter in the middle and the words will be inside the splatter. Something like that electric- (or something) skin Sher showed me today.

I'll come running,

/ 6:23 AM
We're One And The Same

Okay, I've decided.
And if, by Saturday after all my shopping, I haven't found any gorgeousy earrings worthy of Rose/French/Stargaze, I'll reserve one of the earrings (eep- how do I decide??).

I only decided on Louisa because I was having a heart attack imagining a bold 'SOLD!' next to it. :X (Yes, I'm that paranoid.)

I'll come running,

/ 5:57 AM
You Want To Take It Slow

Addicted to necklaces from handmakemyaccessories-necklaces. Can't save the pictures so here're the names, you go ctrl+f:

  1. Sylver.
  2. Hannah.
  3. The Sunglass. (ZOMG I WANT.)
  4. Jael.
  5. Ethereal 1.
  6. Customisation for Patricia.
  7. Cadella.
  8. Fairytale (?). Gorgeous glass-slipper-y pendant.
  9. The Roses Charm Necklace (in red).

Advant Garde 2 Hmm, this ring is pretty gorgeous... (It's prettier in pink but the pink's sold, grah. And no remakes.)
Super loud and advant garde style rings!! This style is more on the tame side, midnight colors! purple, blue and grey beads with swallow charm, czech glass teardrops!silver tarnish resistant wiresADJUSTABLE RING! (: EXCLUSIVE AT HMMA ONLY!ONE-OFF PIECE! NO REMAKES! COST: $18.90

Grah, all the gorgeous vintage rings are sold ):
LOUISAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it so :D
I am starting to think I would be willing to sacrifice 20 whole bucks for the Rose earrings, they are so fantabulous...

SARAH EARRINGS! Prettaye at 18 bucks o.o

The Victoria earrings are gorgeous but sold and un-remake-able ): BIG SNIFF. Wait, let me calculate my (possible) expenses.

Louisa Ring - 17.90 (Oh, thank goodness, I thought it was more expensive.)

Rose Earrings- 20.00 (Eek.)

Total: 37.90


Avante Garde 2 Ring - 18.90

Sarah Earrings - 18.00

Total: 36.90



Louisa Ring - 17.90

Sarah Earrings - 18.00

Total: 35.90

Hmm. That sounds better.

But I'm dying for the Rose earrings! Then again, I'm dying for all of them, esp Louisa.

I'll come running,

/ 5:39 AM
Give It To Me

Stolen from The Jlee, aka Sotong (in your face!).

001. Real name → Grace
002. Nickname(s) → Gracie (mainly) Meg (Mita!) Grass (Sotong)
003. Status → Doing this, slash listening to one of my many playlists on iTunes.
004. Zodiac sign → Pig(let).
005. Male or female → Female
006. Elementary → EPPS/SHPS
007. Middle School → NYGH/ISB
008. High School → ISB (jlee: isn't it RJC?)
010. Hair color → Black.
011. Long or short → Long hair, short person. ):
012. Loud or Quiet → Depending on mood and environment.
013. Sweats or Jeans → Jeans.
014. Phone or Camera → CAMERA. (Considering I lost the cable for my phone...)
015. Health freak → Definitely not. Hello, I hate veg.
017. Do you have a crush on someone? → NaryismyboyfriendSherbackoff.
018. Eat or Drink → Drink? You die faster if you don't have water, so... (RYAN'S WELL!)
019. Piercings → Ears.
021. Water or Fire → Water.
022. Love of your life or 4 Billion Dollars → LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. *cough*jlee*cough*is*cough**cough**cough*

023. First fear → The dark, probably. I can't remember.
024. First best friend → Kai Lin. Holy Trinity! :D (No, that isn't swearing, it's my kindergarten.)
025. First award → Er, as far as I remember, #1 in English in p1 or something.
026. First crush → My lips are sealed.
028. First big vacation → Eh, Pulau Ubin or something?
030. First big birthday → When I was born and the whole world celebrated.

049. Eating → Just finished fried rice left over from yesterday's Shang Palace.
050. Drinking → Just drank water.
052. I'm about to → Finish this quiz, pack my bag and blogshop(ifthere'stime).
053. Listening to→ If U Seek Amy by Britney
054. Plans for today → sleep? hello, it's night time.
055. Waiting for → Handmake My Accessories to finish loading so I can view it peacefully without erratically-jumping-about images later.

058. Want kids?→ Yes. I think. Except after Health class... AngelinaJolieroute, anyone?
059. Want to get married?→ Yes. You think I wanna be a single mum?
060. What careers do you have in mind?→ Writer. Graphic Designer. Fashion Designer. Journalist. I'm indecisive.

WHICH IS BETTER WITH BOY? [I'm not les. so I removed 'girl'.]
068. Lips or eyes → Eyes.
070. Shorter or taller? → Taller, duh-uh.
072. Romantic or spontaneous → A mix? I definitely don't want a hopeless romantic, we'd be hopeless together, literally. Always wanting the other to buy red roses and stuff, you know?
073. Nice stomach or nice arms → why only stomach and arms? *gets shot* *quote unquote Jlee, who is absolutely right for once*
074. Sensitive or loud → Sensitive *cough*Tataremember?*cough*
075. Hook-up or relationship → Relationship, duhuhuh.
077. Trouble maker or hesitant → Neither, actually. Isn't there another choice?

080. Lost glasses/contacts → No.
081. Ran away from home → No.
082. Hold a gun/knife for self defense → [JLEE, STOP BEING MEAN TO AMERICANS :(] No.
083. Killed something→ Mosquitoes and ants. (I think I killed the nice little moth that was sleeping in my closet. It slept on the floor last night in the cold cold a/c and today when I woke up it wasn't moving anymore. AAAH.)
084. Been heartbroken → Yeah.
085. Been arrested → Yeaaaahno.
087. Cried when someone died → No. As heartless as it seems, I was simply too shell-shocked to do anything other than say, "What?"

089. Yourself → Yes.
090. Miracles → Yeaaaaaaaahhhhkinda.
092. Heaven → Yes.
093. Santa Claus → Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssno.
094. Sex on the first date → NO. Uh, slut alert.
095. Kiss on the first date → Yes. [Shuttup,jlee,youunromanticperson.]

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → YESRYANHRELJACOKILLSHUTUPNOW
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → Not reaaaaaaallly.
099. Do you believe in God → Yes.
100. Will you post this as 100 truths and tag 10 people → No!


I'll come running,

/ 4:47 AM
4 Minutes

Does anybody have the song 4 Minutes?

I'm already mostly confirmed with my order list for Handmake My Accessories. :D I'm definitely (99.9%) going to reserve:
  1. LOUISA RING. I have to.


90% Considering:

  2. ROSE EARRINGS. I'd love to, but they're 20 bucks!


  4. YVETTE RING. Less nice than Louisa but still pretty, love the colour scheme. It's the ring in the picture below.

  5. OLIVER RING. Also featured below.

I'll come running,

/ 4:33 AM
You Want A Piece Of Me?

Thanks to CY, I've been introduced to two new fab-you-lous blogshops: squiggletown and theglassbead. I have to link them! On this blog as well as my blogshop. Which reminds me:

InVogue BKK should be updated by this week, Saturday. So sorry for the delay but I was caught up with school work and 'flu. This week I've got Wed-Fri off, so I'm going to do some stock-hunting! Expect two bag designs (1 piece only) from Platinum/MBK (haven't decided) soon!

Yes, it's down to 2 from the 5 originally planned. You see, we don't exactly want to go around delivering goods during our holidays, and we want to see how the blogshop goes at first. So 2 bags it is! 2 accessories will be up soon, depending on when Sher can get them. I'm planning on getting a tote/sling bag. I'll only buy a small little clutch or something if it's really gorgeous 'cos I know you guys probably don't use clutches much right.

What kind of bag(s) should I buy? Tell me what you think ASAP! Tag by Wednesday.

I'll come running,

/ 2:26 AM
French earrings

French Earrings

Star charms, Frosted
heart charms, faux pearls, swarovski crystals, swarovski pearls, Silver chains.
Silver rhodium hooks.

Drool. Like, now.

I am so going to go bankrupt because of Jean Chin's awesome handicraft.

Stargazed Earrings

14k gold plated star
charms, heart charms, swarovski crystals, swarovski pearls, Silver chains.
Silver rhodium hooks.

Rose Earrings

A Stella McCartney color
theme! I love Stella McCartney!
Inspired by the smell of the perfume I
LOVE!; Sheer. Same with Burberry's Sheer too!
Lightly colored, pretty,
sweet, sheer, with a tinge of pink and grey; Simply AWESOME!
I used high
grade materials for this pair of earrings.
Swarovski Crystals, in peach,
pink, grey and topaz.
ROSE QUARTZ semi-precious stone faceted teardrops,
cute and pretty! (IT IS PINK IN COLOR)
Sorry I tried my best to grasp the
color of the teardrop but still doesn't really show
Definitely is the
earring choice for a girls' day out, formal, feminine & Classy!
really looks such a beauty in actual!
Silver Rhodium findings with silver
rhodium chain
Cost: $20

ZOMG, Jean said she'd reserve the Louisa Ring for me!!! I just told her I'm coming over on the 11th, though. It'll be a bit unfair to reserve it. (As well as the, well, 3 earrings I'm thinking of buying... XD Nah. If I do I'll probably spend like, a hundred bucks.)
*_* a drooling GRACE signs off.

I'll come running,

/ 2:22 AM

Cynthia Ring!

My second ring! (: The ocean breeze blows lightly
onto your skin, creating a demure and lovely effect of the flowers and beautiful
frosted ice cubes beyond the horizon!
Like the whole effect on the way the
flowers stand out, with a touch of green czech teardrops and frosted cubes,
accompanied with silver tarnish resistant wires, and silver rhodium ring
Very gorgeous it dangles and really falls so nicely in place when
you wear it
BIG SALE PRICE: $10.00 $5.00

Am sort of in love with this too. (More so the price, but it's prettaye too!)

I'll come running,

/ 2:16 AM

SherilynYryanhreljac. HE'S MINE! BACK OFF GRACE! XD

Yes, Sher, I translated that. And if I could, I'd virtually growl at you and bare my virtual pointy teeth.


I'll come running,

/ 2:09 AM
Handmake My Accessories

Louisa Ring
Goodness. I really think this ring looks fabulous! (I agree with you here.)
My wirings, and some kitschy colored beads
Width of ring is approximately 2cm in diameter(FREE SIZE)NON-ADJUSTABLE, so
A touch of kitschy and glam Collection!Gold tarnish resistant wires
COST: $17.90

I am in love. I'm serious. I HAVE TO HAVE THIS.
And I can only reserve it for one week!!!! AHHHHHH!!! WHY WONT APRIL 11th COME FASTER.

I'll come running,

Saturday, March 21, 2009 / 3:00 AM
He Goes With Everything I Own

Don't think I posted this InStyle teaser, I actually made it aeons ago.
Just made this Twilight teaser.
YOU KNOW YOU LOVE MEH :D (AND theartcollaboration.)
Grace ♥

I'll come running,

/ 2:53 AM
Feel What I Feel

Just posted 25 icons of Twilight cast on art blog, time to do another teaser! Also found out that (probably) Peter Facinelli is married! Carlisle Cullen is married! The caster person is so mean, go cast all the hot guys who are married, or engaged, or taken with pregnant girlfriends (Cam D: ). Pfffffft. The world is unfair :O

I'll come running,

/ 1:42 AM
Everybody Gonna Trip

Okay, so it is nearly impossible to read. But never mind, I shall revel in the knowledge that it is, at least, pretty and polished, and magazine-worthy. :D I think.

Boohoo, pics on handmakemyaccessories.blogspot.com take aeons to load! They have a Grace Charm Bracelet, but I'm kind of dying for Vintage Ring 8, which is, unfortunately, sold, with no remakes. Pffft. It was so prettaye! A jade rectangle with gold framing. I love their rings.

LALALALALA I'm waiiiiiting.

Okay whatever. While waiting, I'll do icons!

I'll come running,

/ 1:23 AM
You Don't Like Me, I Don't Like You

Someone takes them away, and they don't hear the words you want to say.
OK, I'm bored, so I'm going to do another Egoistical Magazine Interview thing, this time on Photoshop so I can use Pea Weanie and prettaye it up :D It might be a little hard to read tho ): ps: pea weanie couldn't turn up, adobe didn't have it in bold!

Oh man, I'm addicted to Britney's Kill The Lights now. ESP the line "Mr Photographer, I'm ready for my close-up, make sure you get me from my good side."

I'll come running,

/ 1:18 AM
Black Holes

Somebody ripped my skin.

It is a strange kind of accomplishment; the main thing that I hate it about it is that 12 people downloaded it. I could've gotten those 12 people to download the original skin made by me. (The incredibly stupid ripper didn't even change the credits. The screenshot was obviously taken from BS.com because the titles were still in HTML, plus it wasn't in Pea Weenie, it was in Arial. How dumb can some people get??)

I just found out from one of Sway-sim's magazines that Cam Gigandet has a girlfriend, and she's pregnant. Oh, pffft. Next thing we know, Ryan Hreljac will be engaged, and Sher and I will be crying in our bathrooms, and turning depressed or something.

I'll come running,

Friday, March 20, 2009 / 9:07 PM
You Know You Love Me


OK, GTG, going to visit HRH Joseph Teo :D TTYL!

I'll come running,

/ 8:13 PM
Tired Of Being Last To Know

Going to Shangri-La for dinner with Uncle Dennis, Uncle Luke and Uncle Mike (? DK if he's coming, heard he's golfing in Pattaya) tonight! I lurrve Shang Palace's corn with crab soup :D (I nearly typed shoup. And I just spelt 'typed' as 'tiped'. WHERE IS MY ENGLISH GOING??)

Am going to do a blogskin. Yes, I know I said I'd do that yesterday, but Sher and I got caught up Narycomparing. :D


I'll come running,

/ 5:39 AM
Saw You Trying To Act Cute

eeeee dafont-downloading spree! I love the font peewee kay. it is awesome.

I'll come running,

/ 4:56 AM

1. What is your name?
2. When is your birthday?
9th Oct
3. Who is your favourite actor/actress?
Ryan Hreljac. Even if he doesn't act. Being good is better than acting. Beat that!
But seriously, actors? Hugh Dancy. :D
4. Who is your favourite singer?
Taylor Swift & Lea Salonga
5. What is your favourite Television Programme?
Don't have one. Weird but true.
6. What is your favourite colours?
White, blue, red.
7. What are you going to do three hours later?
9.00... Probably on the computer. TGIF!!
8. What is your CCA?
9. What is your current wish?
To be Ryan Hreljac's friend.
Small steps.
10. How do you feel now?
11. What is your favourite subject?
Yearbook! Duhuh.
12. Who was the sender who sent you the lastest meassage?
Lastest message. Oh-kay.
Prob CY's email? Does that count? IT DOES RIGHT.
13.What are you doing now?
Doing this. Duhuh.

10 'Are You's
1. Are you single - Yes
2. Are you happy - No?
3. Are you bored - A leetle.
4. Are you fair - Not anymore D: BOO PE.
5. Are you Italian - I wish. "I vould love tuh bee zee Italiano." LOL SHER!
6. Are you intelligent - MENSA LOL.
7. Are you honest - Kindasortayeah.
8. Are you nice - If people are nice to me, I'm nice to them.
9. Are you Irish - No, you want a shamrock? Okay I'm boliao.
10. Are you Asian - Yay yes.

10 Facts.
1. Full Name - Grace
2. Nick - Gracie, Meg (haha Mita)
3. Birth Place - Singapore
4. Hair Colour - Black
5. Natural Hair Style - Um, straight?
6. Eye Colour - Brown. It's true. Ask my mum.
7. Birthday - 9th Oct
8. Mood - Slightly bored?
9. Favourite Colour(s) - Didn't you ask this alr?
10. One place you'd like to visit - Paris.

10 things about my love life.
1. Have you ever been in love - Ryan Hreljac, enough said.
2. Do you believe in love at first sight - Yes.
3. Do you currently have a crush - YES! (Haha Sher we're in the same boat.)
4. Have you ever been hurt emotionally - Yeah.
5. Have you ever broken someone's heart - Yeah.
6. Have you ever have your heart broken - Yeah.
7. Have you ever liked someone but never told them - Yeah.
8. Are you afraid of commitment - Nah.
9. Who was the last person you hugged - Mom
10. Who was the last person you said I love you to - Some girl at sch? I say I love you like every day ): haha

10 This Or That
1. Love or Lust - Love
2. Hard liquor or beer - Neither
3. Cat or Dog - Dog
4. A few best friends or any regular friends - Former.
5. Creamy or Crunchy - Creamy
6. Pencil or Pen - Pencil
7. Wild night out or Romatic night in - Latter
8. Money or Happiness - Okok, the first is of course happiness. But I would still rather have Happiness+Money. Cos, after all, money makes the world go round. (Although some hypocrites would fervently deny that.) (Quote unquote Sher.)
9. Night or Day - Day (or evening. I love evening when I lie in bed and meditate. XD)
10. IM or phone - IM.

10 'Have You Ever's
1. Been caught sneaking out - Dont think so.
2. Seen a polar bear - Dont think so? Does the zoo have one? Havent been there in years.
3. Done something you regret - YES YES YES. (Or rather, not done something.)
4. Bungee jumped - No.
5. Eaten food that fell on the floor -No.
6. Finished entire jaw breaker - No.
7. Been caught naked - Ew no.
8. Wanted an ex gf/bf back - No
9. Cried because you lost a pet - Only pets I've lost are fishes. So, I've never really established a close, heart-to-heart relationship with my pet fish. (Quote unquote Sher.)
10. Wanted to disappear - Dont think so.

10 preferences in a partner.
1. Smile or eyes - Eyes. But then again if he has a bad smile... Go get braces, dude.
2. Light or dark hair - Light. Hahahaha.
3. Hugs or Kisses - BOTH LOTS AND LOTS. Heh.
4. Shorter or taller - Taller, duh.
5. Intelligent or attraction - Both
6. Topman or Zara - Topman? I'll always see Zara as a girl's shop. XD
7. Funny or serious - Someone who knows how to be both and when.
8. Older or Younger - Older, duh.
9. Outgoing or Quiet - A mix of both.
10. Sweet or Bad - Sweet! 101% Sugar please.

10 'Have You's
1. Ever performed in front of a large crowd - Yes
2. Ever talked on the phone for longer than 1 hour - Yes
3. Ever walked on hands - No
4. Ever been to a rock concert - Nope
5. Ever been in a cheerleading team - Nah
6. Ever been in a dance team - No
7. Ever been in a sports team - No
8. Ever been in a drama play/production - Yeah
9. Ever owned a BMW/Mercedes Benz/Escalade/Hummer/Bentley? - Volkswagon (how to spell?
10. Ever been in a rap video - Yes, in a previous life, where Timbaland and I were besties.

10 'Lasts
1. Last phone call you made - Um. WELL.
2. Last person you hugged - Mum
3. Last person you hung out with - Mum? In sch, it was Nirma, at the locker, discussing her hot GIN guy. (heh)
5. Last person you talked to - Mum
6. Last person you IM'd - Sher
7. Last person you texted - Mum
8. Last person you when movie with - Mum- SHOPAHOLIC!!!!
9. Last person / thing you missed - Ryan Hreljac. But you don't need to know that.
10. Last website visited - Blogger.

10 people to do this
Oh and I tag Sotong.


I'll come running,

/ 4:37 AM
You See Us In The Club


I bombed the Science test.

I will now stay awake like a caffeinated druggie, high on guilt.


I shall try to assuage my jumpy nerves by, I don't know, doing a blogskin, and making Ryan Hreljac icons.

Nah, I shan't do the latter. I shall not become a stalker! Like *cough* someone *cough*.

Neither shall I buy mascara. I might look too much like someone.

I am considering grey waterproof eyeliner, though. Sher's idea.

I'll come running,

Thursday, March 19, 2009 / 6:01 AM
All My Single Friends Are Jealous

I just realized that my post titles read backwards makes a very interesting story. Here goes:
You already know that I'm all yours. You don't mean
nothing at all to me, Ryan Hreljac. What you've been looking for has been here
the whole time. Stupid girl, should've known, this ain't Hollywood. You don't
have to call anymore.

how true though.

I'll come running,

/ 4:51 AM
You Already Know That I'm All Yours

it must be amazing for parents to see their adorable, big-eyed little boy run around, not knowing that about ten years later the little boy will grow into a totally cute guy with girls running for him.

random observation.

anyway, I need to DO MY HOMEWORK, I'm so dead. I need to do 9-8 (which I haven't even started and it's 10 to 7!!!!) AND read waiting for the rain (which is an exceedingly boring book) and do my lit circle sheet.

I typed 'shit' by accident. my my. I need to tape my mouth (and my conscience- eep!).

tomorrow's last day of yearbook!!!!!! I might dissolve into tears.

I'll come running,

/ 4:44 AM
You Don't Mean Nothing At All To Me

If anyone knows a method to shut your conscience up and give it a buttkick, tell me, please, I need it so bad.
'cos my conscience is the whiniest one around, it's shrieking its head off.
so. back to reality (I hope)...
finished the morning gift today. by eva ibbotson, who has secured her place as my #1 favourite author of all time. I used to think she wasn't a good writer until I left her kid's books and discovered her young adult ones. the morning gift is so A-AMAZING. I'm serious. (though I still prefer a company of swans).
I keep rereading the part where quin and ruth kiss :X okay I'm this total romantic. but anyway. I'm spoiling things for you. so here's a little summary thing:
ruth is a very pretty and smart girl in vienna. she is in love with her distant
cousin, the brilliant pianist heini. when war strikes and she is left behind in
vienna by unfortunate circumstances, previous family acquaintance professor quin
somerville comes to the rescue. he offers marriage based on the morning gift,
which is a gift a husband gives his wife after their first married night. after
she receives it, their marriage is technically not valid. he has no links to her
and her kids don't inherit. but when she escapes with quin to england, the
consequences of her decision are incredible, unexpected and exceedingly
romantic... :D to end things off I'll put this quote which I saw on the cover: they were not supposed to fall in love... (it was the quote that pulled
me to hunt for the book even tho I didnt even know what it was about. after a company of swans, how could I doubt eva's writing ability?

there's this really nice quote in the book:

I'll come running,

/ 4:33 AM
Ryan Hreljac

Ryan Hreljac is.
Okay whatever I'll just copy and paste his profile in.
He doesn't have one! okay hold on.
don't think that helps, but whatever:
he's seventeen;
he's six foot six;
at six he started Ryan's Well, a charity organization that provides clean water for developing countries;
I am so stupid, I forgot to get a pic with him.
okay I didn't forget, I chickened out, kind of.
but I am so stupid. so, so stupid.
I asked mita to slap me (nicely) quite a few times today but it hasn't worked. I even asked sher to call me a stupid indecisive idiot. hasn't worked either. grah.

I'll come running,

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 / 3:20 AM
What You're Looking For Has Been Here The Whole Time

A random conversation that I've been meaning to post for some time but just kept forgetting:
[Humanities class; I'm sitting with Helen, Keitaro and Alex]
Alex (to Keitaro): I know who you like! [Really loudly. Yongmin looks over.]
Keitaro: WHO!
Alex: Your parents. [Deadly serious face.]
Keitaro: What??!!
[Yongmin, Helen and I start laughing super loudly, and Keitaro looks really confused. Alex is laughing his butt off too.]
I can't remember whether this convo followed after the previous or on another day, but
Yongmin: [something in Korean]
Me: What does that mean? [repeats it]
Helen: What?
Yongmin: [laughing at Alex] I said his hair is oily.
Helen and I: What??!!

Okay, so we're crazy human beings. Just posted a comment on the Humanities blog. Yay, now I feel a teensy-weensy bit of accomplishment :D
Homework left:
  1. Finish up 9-7.
  2. Study Spanish, ESP. ESP. ESP. ESP. ESP. IR verbs.
  3. Study Science- is there a quiz topic thingy on Panthernet? Checking now.

Also, I desperately need to do a 9-4 Redo. I got a D on it. A D.


I'll come running,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 / 5:46 AM
Stupid Girl, Should've Known

Forgot to say, the site's http://www.everythingvalentinesday.com/compatibility/libra-love-compatibility.html. GTG for dinner soon... Mum's back but she went for a bath. How am I supposed to sign up for HS now? Damn, I'm so stressed.

Okay, Maths time. Hu... xi...

PS Any Aquarius guys? I know one, but that's about it... Januaryish, right?

I'll come running,

/ 5:31 AM
This Ain't Hollywood

Don't ask me why I'm looking up Libra's Compatibility with other Zodiac Signs instead of doing maths. (Blogger doesn't have pink font.)

You have a charismatically charming romantic character, no matter what you
appear like. The sun sign of Libra is closely inter-connected with relationship.
As such, you are exceptionally responsive to the give-and-take linked with any
type of pairing that is one-on-one. You are an out and out romantic and will
focus much of your interest on relationship-building and nurturing throughout
your life. You will strive to induce harmony and peace is your love life.

The adventurous lovemaking of Aquarius fuels up the sensuous nature of Libra. Both have all the ingredients to make their love affair a cozy and beautiful one. Both are gregarious beings with a deep interest in arts and culture. Libra and Aquarius lovers will enjoy both the friendship as well as the romantic part of their relationship to the hilt. Fickle Libra is supported by quick-thinking Aquarius. They share a good rapport. The Libra female and Aquarius male make a good couple. Aquarius male is intelligent, which also suits Libra lady's own enthusiasm towards understanding life. At times, his personal Aquarian agenda may come into conflict with her need to avoid conflict, which may make him think she's immature and indecisive. But otherwise things are okay.

I don't want some boyfriend thinking I'm 'immature and indecisive' O.o

Libra partner demands more affection and notice from Capricorn, who is more subdued when it comes to emoting. Sentimental Libra will feel dissatisfied with the love affair with practical and money-oriented Capricorn. Libra is easy going, which will infuriate ambitious and hardworking Capricorn. While Libra is a social animal, Capricorn is a loner.

Okay, no Capricorns!

Libra Female and Pisces Male
There is romance in the relationship. Libra male is dreamy, romantic and charming and appeals perfectly to cheerful lady Libra. But the problem is that both like to remain far too long in the fantasy world than is need in this fast-paced competitive world. Plus, she may be emotionally a bit too demanding.

Thanks a lot! Okay, no Pisces-es either.

Sagittarius's adventurous nature ignites Libra, whereas Sagittarius lover too is enticed by Libra's charms. Though both are very loving by nature, it's Libra who is more romantic. Another thing is that Libra will want to tie the wedding knot before Sagittarius wants. Remember Sagittarius is a freedom lover? Libra, however, knows how to pacify Sagittarius. They are one delightful couple. Sagittarian man can easily impress lady Libra. His obvious confidence will seem to charm her as Libra woman is vacillating. Libra woman at times shows contradictory traits, which attracts adventurous Sagittarius man all the more. He is enticed by mystery and will want to unravel it. The problem is that she may eventually come across as a bit too reliant on him and on his independence.

What does 'vacillating' mean? Wonder what Mr Kenney will say if I use it for vocab, given the context... Looks like Sagittarius can be considered but Aquarius's still the best so far...

Libra Female and Scorpio Male
What will allure vacillating Libra female is his deep sense of assurance she derives from Scorpio male. Scorpio male is confident with strong viewpoints. Scorpio will like Libra female's outgoing open attitude. The problem is that Libra lady will feel annoyed by his secretive nature and Libran enviousness can easily lead to distrust. Scorpio will not like her fickleness.

Okay, NO Scorpios, ever.

There is strong attraction between Aries and Libra lovers from beginning despite the open fact that both are temperamentally very different. The binding factor is that one supplies what the other lacks. For instance, the aggressive attitude of Aries enhances sensual capability of Libra lover. Both are social people, but also restless in different manners. With time, Libra will want someone less difficult, while Aries will want one more loving. Wonderful affair, but unhappy marriage.
Aries Male and Libra Female
The air and fire combination of Aries Male and Libra Female are normally very sparky and here both are also opposite signs too. But it's equally true that contrasts attract. Arguments could crop up about anything. But then Aries male tend to lose interest if a woman does not bark back and Libra women too enjoy it secretly. There is very unusual kind of rapport between them.

no Aries-es either.

All will be fine in the beginning. In fact, Cancer man will enjoy chasing a Libra woman and she too will respond happily. But when happens after they move on to the second stage in their relationship? Ms Libra will want airy, abstract balance, while Mr Cancer will look for deep bonds to another's soul. Things can turn bad ultimately.

nope, Cancer is out of the question.

Here's a free Gemini love compatibility with Libra lover. Intellectually, both suit other perfectly. This is one lively pair, who is always happy and easy going. Neither Gemini nor Libra is argumentative and seem to agree on almost everything. Both partners simply adore each other, love to have fun, are social animals and nurture love for traveling. Their lovemaking is passionate and neither is too trying. One hitch their have is that both like to splurge.
Gemini Male and Libra Female
Gemini males savor their personal independence and will instantly respond to Libra female's consideration for that as well as need for their own. However, Gemini male will have to keep in mind that she being a Cardinal sign will want to lead at times. Otherwise, they nurture superb capability for romancing.

You know, this site is pretty rated. -.O and the splurge thing is just about right. I shouldn't get with a Gemini; we'd both be broke.

Leo Male and Libra Female
Leo male will like her for her intelligence and also because she's pretty and elegant. Libra female will like that fact that Leo male's personality exudes warmth. They will enjoy one another's company. Physically too, they will be get along fine. The only problem is that he is selfish and jealous and constantly wanting her to boost her ego.

Nuh-uh, no Leos.

Taurus Male and Libra Female
Since both partners are ruled by planet Venus, their relationship cannot be bad. The Libra female may be a tad better at pushing the right buttons in their relationship than a Taurus man and will, thus, get to lead frequently.

apparently Taurus people have controlling natures. so... NUH-UH. sorry. NEXT!

This is a love compatibility chart of Virgo lover with Libra. It says Libra lover will be too superficial for Virgo's liking. The Libra will relish spending cash, attending parties and being in limelight. Virgo is fussy and will try to curtail Libra's boisterous nature. This will make Libra feel unloved. Libra too cannot digest the always practical approach of Virgo. Libra could drift away as consequence.

no Virgos!

The Libra love compatibility chart states that two Libra partners make an interesting pair. Both are equally vivacious, outgoing and in love with aesthetics. In lovemaking too, they like to satisfy one another. The big hitch is that both Libra partners do not want to see reality in face. It is the commonness between them that becomes a reason for boredom. Only if they can find anything as stimulating outside their relationships too to engage themselves in, their relationship will turn out to be an interesting affair.

what's THAT supposed to mean?

If you've come thus far reading about my horoscopic love life, I congratulate you. I was getting pretty bored myself.


I'll come running,

/ 5:23 AM
You Don't Have To Call Any More

Oh, great. Just when I've finished my tres-stressful HS Registration planning, I find out my mum's popped out to pass dinner to my aunt, so I can't go over it with her. AKA, I can't officially register till later and it's due tomorrow, my nerves are doing the rockandroll dance right now.

(I can't believe I might be putting History of Rock and Roll as a third choice for Other electives.)

My brain is like popping, and though I want to do another blogskin I can't, or I might just have zero grey cells left. Really. Or maybe I should take the risk...?

I still have lots of H/W for tmr, though, and I have tuition tmr too. So I should just be a good girl and do maths. Maybe it'll calm my brain down a little, cos maths is, you know, therapeutic. I can't believe I actually spelt that right. (Believe me, I checked.)

I'll come running,

/ 4:31 AM
Oh Yeah

Just finished a batch of Twilight icons, help me and tag on the art blog! www.theartcollaboration.blogspot.com
Cam Cam Cam Cam Gigandet! (In my opinion... he's hotter than Pattinson. But whatever.)

I'll come running,

/ 3:47 AM
Ella, Ella, Eh, Eh

Don't laugh at the title, I'm listening to the acoustic by Marie Digby, it's so awesome.

Is it cute when guys kiss your forehead?
- Totally. Even if it hasn't happened yet. But if you're a gross pimply wart, stay away!
2. A big poofy dress or a short party dress?
- Short party dress, but in reality, I'd probably opt for the big poofy dress, and trail down the stairs fashionably late. HOW WOULD I KNOW??
3. What will you do if you recieve a long love letter?
- Happy. Depending on the person, I guess. What if Eyelash sends me one?? EEW!
4. Group dates or single dates?
- Group dates. Single dates can be kind of awkward I guess.
5. Do you hate it when guys act differently around their friends?
- Not really. It's in their nature. We don't go all bimbotic around guys, DO we?
6. Are diamonds girls' best friend?
- YES. So is MBK.
7. Is your hair up or down today?
- Down cos I'm too lazy to tie it up :D
8. Do you straighten your hair?
- No, it's naturally straight, though I was considering perming it a little. Like Joanne's.
9. Favourite Mascara?
- Nada. Mascara makes my eyelashes all clumpy. (At least, my mum's does.)
10. Do you get your nails done?
- Sometimes, once in a loooooong while. And I normally take the opportunity to indulge in a French manicure (why not? XD)
11. Small or large purses?
- Small. Clutches are so cute :D
12. In your purse Chanel wallet, what must you have?
- You got your names confused, girl. I'd probably 'must have' money (duh), ID card (how else would I buy lunch without getting evileyed by The Cafeteria Lady?), BTS card (which I am ALWAYS forgetting) and little trinkets like airplane ticket stubs that I collect.
13. Jeans or sweat?
- Jeans.
14. Do you wear anything that's uncomfortable?
- I'd rather say I don't, but in reality, I do.
15. Do you text alot?
- I wish. But I've never been much of a texter. When I do text, my mum kind of gets suspicious cos she knows it's not me.
16. What would you do if you get pregnant?
- If I'm married, have the baby. If I'm not- never going to happen. (I'd never abort. It's murder!!!)
17. What's your favourite colour?
- Blue, or white. I'd say white though.
18. Heels or flats?
- Heels. I love how they make me feel tall, lol, though I never wear them. I had two pairs but I gave one away and the only one left -a pair of really high DMK apple green wedges, which I love- kind of makes this really loud sound whenever I walk.
19. Have you ever cried over a romantic movie?
- YES. Not telling. (Cos I know I did, but I can't remember when. LOL.)
20. Would you ever leave the house without makeup?
- All the time, baby, all the time. The paparazzi doesn't care about me ):
21. Topshop or Mango?
- IDK, I never shop at either.
22. Do you wear collared shirts?
- School, and the occasional polo.
23. Do you like preppy boys?
- Not sure? I usually go for the jocks then get over them in a day. Cos I find out how immature/stupid they are and that helps. (Like Mita's latest crush. HE FAILED KINDERGARTEN!!!! How is that POSSIBLE? Maybe he forgot his ABCs?)
24. Do you think lipgloss is the best?
- No.
25. Do you own any big sunglasses?
- Two pairs. Made the mistake of buying two almost-identical pairs (one in vietnam and one here, one apparently from LV and the other from Chanel).
26. How long do you need to take to get prepared in the morning?
- Almost 10 minutes, slightly shorter than that. But I never turn out fabulous.
27. Do you like to wear band-aids?
- Used to. My childhood family nickname was Plaster Queen.
28. Do you like skater boys?
- If they are cute and manage to be mature and unjerky. Which is highly unlikely.
29. Do you wish you could change something?
- YES.
30. Gold or silver?
- Currently, gold.
31. Do you like to recieve flowers?
- YES. COUGHCOUGHCOUGH. Just, you know, not a hundred yellow roses or something, I might throw myself off the building in excitement.
32. Do you like surfer boys?
- Er. Refer to skater boy question.
33. Do you dress up for the holidays?
- Most of the time. I always dress up anyway (;
34. Do you like to wear dresses?
- Kind of. If they're not too formal and corsettish. If you get what I mean.
35. On scale 1 to 10, How many guys confused you?
- They don't 'confuse' me.
36.In the last 48 hours, did you hang out with a guy?
- Uh, yeah. (Kenney count? JK.)
37. Hairspray or wax/gel?
- Neither.
38. Do you like to hold hands?
- Heh, yeah.
39. What is the youngest you would date?
- Same age as me.
40. What is the oldest you'd date?
- Uh, depends. I mean, Mita's parents are like a decade apart, I think. In reality, probably about 4 years?
41. What do you notice when you meet a guy?
- Eyes. Definitely the eyes.
42. Is it hot when guys sweat?
- It is DISGUSTING. ESP if they like lift up their shirt to wipe their sweat. (Okay, not disgusting, but I'd prefer not to see THAT. Sorry, Mita.)
43. What is the best feature of a guy?
- Eyes. Now go away.
44. Do you like making eye contact?
- With guys, no. Refer to previous questions.
45. Would you kill for chocolate?
- Nah.
46. Did you ever spent a day/night getting pretty for a guy?
- No.
47. On a scale 1 to 10, how fun is shopping?
- 100?
48. Do you freak out if you miss your favourite show?
- Nah, cos I don't have one. LOL.
49. Do you yell alot?
- Not yell. I shriek. JK ;D
50. Do you wear swearpants/school uniform to school?
- School uniform.
51. Did you dress yourself for a guy?
- Uh, nuhuh.
52. Do you write alot of mushy poems?
- Used to, now I bottle it all up ;D jk
53. What makeup can you not live without it?
- Eyeshadow.
54. Do you fall in love easily?
- Crush, yeah.
55. Do you have cramps?
- WHAT KIND OF A QUESTION IS THIS???? Touche, Sher, Touche.
56. Do you think you have the bestest friends ever?
57. What thing(s) freaks you out?
- Um, random things, like when I switched on the bathroom light last week and saw this lizard crawling around my eyeshadow.
58. What did you do in the morning when you first woke up?
- Open my eyes and wonder what the hell was screaming its head off.

There :D cant believe I had the patience to do all that.

I'll come running,

/ 3:30 AM
If Only You Knew

So many updates! Sorry there's been a somewhat-great-hiatus.
  1. Twilight. Auntie Jess and Sher are two of my favourite people on the planet right now (I wrote 'most favourite', oh no, my English is rotting! slowly, but surely)! I am so obsessed about the movie, though I'd rather marry Hugh Dancy than Robert Pattinson, thanks. (But Hugh's ALREADY getting married. Pfft.)
  2. Gossip Girl. Helen's another favourite; I'm almost finished with Gossip Girl (first book) and it's awesome. (Although, you know, it's just so shallow and bxxxxy, but it's addictive. I should watch the show too. Gossip Girl is like all over most of my magazines, esp Teen Vogue.)
  3. High School Registration. Got recommended by Kenney for The International! So excited, hope I get in. Also signing up for Yearbook: Erawan. Just got Ms Ulster's signature today (the sheet says Computer Tech. but we don't have that class, so Yearbook's best I guess). quote unquote Andrew, "You'll definitely get in." hope so! (He was talking about International, but fingers crossed for both, yah?)
  4. PE. still doing that #1 of all that is evil, softball. It seems that whenever I'm sick, they get to learn fun stuff like pitching, and then when I'm not, we play games with batting which I am soooo bad at. (Which is why I hate it. Self-explanatory.) Vaughan says that if I'm feeling up to it I should go to class tmr. I never feel up to it. (My nose is less clogged up now, but what if I sneeze and spew snot all over the field? :O)
  5. I am going to be egoistic and do a little magaziney interviewy thing below! Well, I had to do a #5.

Grace's Egoistic Magaziney Interview

Which I shall write as a meme/quiz form so you can be boliao and copy it if you want to.

Three things which you absolutely must pack on holidays... Notebook, new set of Staedtler fine-point markers, iPod.

Outfit you're addicted to... Ten & Co. tank top and shorts. Their tank tops are oh-so-comfy!

Make-up: are you a lipgloss or eyeshadow kind of girl? Eyeshadow. I've somehow managed to magpie-keep three little sets, an au naturel set (read: browns, creams) from my mum, an aquamarine-and-pink one I bought for like 9 bucks last time, and a purple one from Boot's. many girls at school are all over lipgloss, but it's soooo sticky!

You can't go one day without listening to a song by... Depending on my mood. Nowadays, it's Taylor Swift, Kat DeLuna or Marie Digby.

Your favourite (or ideal) Saturday afternoon hangout would be... MBK, no question. (Or Platinum.)

You have read ____ at least a hundred times and know passages/events by heart. Oh, that's easy. A Ring of Endless Light by Madeleine L' Engle, the entire Harry Potter series (wait till you see my copies, they're all falling apart), and A Company of Swans by Eva Ibbotson, I think it might have beaten AREL to #1!

You are reading... Gossip Girl & The Young Unicorns. (Yes, two books at once. I began TYU a few weeks ago and have been reading it intermittenly between library/friend finds.)

Best buy: Giordano bootcut (I think) jeans- sooo comfy! and golden hoops from Diva Princess. or silver hoops from Chomel. all three. XD

I can't think of anymore magaziney questions, can you?

oh yah, I rmbr sher did this cool meme thing way back, I should copy it here :D
it's almost 6. sheesh. I should get started on tmr's homework but I'm lazy (even tho I know I have tuition tmr. why can't I have tuitions only on early-release days?)

I'll come running,

Friday, March 13, 2009 / 4:40 AM
Typical Tuesday Night

Just spent aeons surfing IMDB reading goofs from my favourite movies. Apparently, in one of the scenes of A Cinderella Story, you can see the camera crew in the back of a car. OK, that settles it: I'M GONNA WATCH IT AGAIN ASAP! LOL, it's so cool, I never noticed any of those goofs. Except one: in Nancy Drew, a cupcake is thrown at a guy in one scene, and the next second the cupcake is seen, untouched, in a girl's hand. I did wonder about that one at the time.

Still have not found any inspiration. Maybe I'll do a prettaye, cliched icon skin. :X My brain's all bummed out tho. OKAY, ICONS IT IS. Sans blogskin cos if I do one what's left of my brain might explode all over my desk and that wouldn't be very prettaye.


I'll come running,

/ 4:04 AM
Like A Merry-Go-Round

Does anybody know how to stop Facebook notification emails? 'Cos they are driving my inbox and I insane. 49 emails in less than 24 emails!! (Last time it was 80something, I think.) All because of some crazy trend of posting a picture of Little-Ms-Somethings, or some little people, and tagging all your friends or whatever. And naturally, everybody wants to comment.


Today's a reaaaally looooooooong day. Woke up at 9 (couldn't help it, I was sooo knocked out, this cold is really mean- all the phlegm is coming back with revenge), ate breakfast until 10.15, then had to eat a hasty porridge lunch at 10.45 (half an hour to digest! :O) so we could leave at 11.15. Of course, we actually left at 11.20-30ish. Hmph.

Then got to school by 12.20 which was a really good timing considering I'd booked Spanish for 12.30 sharp. Then found out 12.20 was lunch break. So we waited for ten-ish minutes before going in and switching on Spanish mode, where I got kind of irritated cos I was soo tired and my dad kept asking me what's this in Spanish, and what's that, and can you say the answer without looking at the board, and I just felt like screaming in that cute little classroom. Grrfft.

Then went to Huttner, where of course my dad was super happy, because it's SCIENCE and quote Science is my forte unquote. My dad was really pleased about the climate project. He kept asking all these questions and I felt like those DJs or TV people when people call in with questions that put you on the spot. I was like, that's not what the data provided, or I'm not. quite. sure. and all the while my mum was giving me this little slitty look, like "Grace.... Stop it" was hanging in the air. (Hello, my eyes were close to closing! And that's not a very good time to ask me about climate change!) Then sat down with Huttner, who basically said the usual stuff. Like "proved herself to be (something I forgot. I think it was independent. I suppose)" and "hanging out with good friends (I was like, YAY NIMARTA & TATA! :D)" and "matured young lady (at which I nearly started coughing, it sounded so funny)". which reminds me, I WANT TO CHECK MY GRADE ON POWERSCHOOL, last time I checked I had both Bs for math and science. But that was cos I hadn't handed in 9-5.

Then went to Kenney which was a huge disaster cos by the time we actually got to speak to him it was past two-o'-clock, which was when we were supposed to be going home. I had to listen to my iPod and watch my dad flip through one of Mr K's books very interested-ly for really long (I forgot how long). Then we had a talk about me. Basically my writing. And Mr K said he'd send my name to the Journalism teacher in HS. :D cos it's gonna b one of the electives I'm signing up for, and they need recommendations.

THEN we suffered through major jam (I slept. but not really well. cos who sleeps well in cars anyway?) on the way to airport, cos my brother is here from Singapore! (my other brother's coming on monday.) whee! then we had another major jam all the way home. we finally reached at 5+.

so we'd been out like 6 hours.

okay, off to... do something. IDK. I wanna do a blogskin but no inspiration, pfft.

I'll come running,

Thursday, March 12, 2009 / 8:36 PM
Sometimes It Doesn't Work Out

Quote of the Day: "NOOOO! Eu [coughcough, twit] didn't put in my quote of order not plea. XD put it in, order not plea Joking. I'm being, em, random." -Chingying

Going off to eat lunch in about ten minutes, then get ready, then chiong to school for student-led parent-teacher conferences. (Eating + get ready time is half an hour. Eep!)

Love you guys so much for filling up my new cbox so prettayely :D I shall put my tag replies here (if not it'll look like I'm self-tagging too much, LOL).

justine: haha thanks! no prob. looking forward to seeing more of your awesome texture-d icons :D

212: haha thanks! ♥ you guys so.

huiran: heh I loved that bit on your blog about butterflies, it's so awesome. bkk's fine, YOU MUST VISIT *coughcough* and it's from pride and prejudice :D matthew macfadyen and keira knightleeeyyyyyyy!

sherilyn: haha yeah I was in a very spanishy mood when I typed it. :D I should do a translation. okay, if anyone doesn't understand my profile, scroll down!

chingying: you're quoted. thanks bout the sunset cinderella thing... the blending's not neatly done ):

jlee: haha it was a post title in my previous blog when I was 11 posts to abandoning it. I thought it sounds nice :D dont you?

profile translation (eep gtg real soon!!)
Hi, my name is Grace. I'm from SHPS and NYGH. Now, I am a student in ISB. I like making blogskins, reading and drawing. Here, I speak in Spanish, but every day, I speak in English. I sooooo want +embellished tank tops, +strappy espadrilles/stacked heels, +Shopaholic series sans &Sister & +Twilight series.

eep gtg! BYE, TEEHEE.

I'll come running,

Wednesday, March 11, 2009 / 11:47 PM
Cameras In Your Face

Wanted the White Horse blogskin but it didn't turn out as well as I expected. I think I'll blend the image and (maybe) make it navigational before resubmitting/using it here. In the meantime, say hello to my second-newest skin, feat. Grace Kelly the awesome!

I'll come running,

/ 10:43 PM
Embrace in Sepia

Found this awesome online tutorial at DeviantArt that teaches (not very clearly, but enough) how to transform an ordinary picture into a vintage-looking find! Original picture also shown, the difference's obvious (other than the fact that it's cropped).

I'll come running,

/ 10:23 PM
Sunset Cinderella

Click on the two images above to view it in their original contexts (both taken from DeviantArt). The image on the left was a combination of two by me using Photoshop.
It's a tradition for me to start off a blog writing all chimly and stuff, but I guess I'll take a trip off and post some quotes here instead, from various people's blogs.

"You want it? Then fight for it. Don't slack there." -Pingghee (originally from Danielle)

"On a separate note, I wish I had the strength butterflies have when they're hanging on to the window of a speeding car with all their six legs because if you've never noticed; They don't let go." -Huiran

"Q: Do you have cramps? A: WHAT KIND OF A QUESTION IS THIS????"- Sher

Thanks to all I stole quotes from :D Spontaneity (I need to learn how to spell that word) often produces awesome quotes, dontcha think? [Chingying: That was not a cue for you to start singing PCD.]

Okay, enough now, I need to do some major brainstorming for a blogskin for this blog. I want to do one on White Horse (my latest addiction) by Taylor Swift but no picture seems to suit it. I'm not your princess, this ain't a fairytale, I'm not the one you'll sweep off her feet and lead up the stairwell...

I'll come running,