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Hi my name is Grace and I like to read, write + fashion/graphic design and I abhor veggies + twitbuggers. I'm from EPPS/SHPS/NYGH/ISB (yes, I know, extensive) and I take Spanish as a third language! I really love Broadway *and* Taylor Swift. And random stuff like the soundtrack of the movie Once.

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if you want something, you call, call
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I'll come running
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Thursday, June 25, 2009 / 10:50 PM
Goodbye To You

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Online Dating

Again I get a G rating :D I must've been a really good girl these past two blogs! I'll really miss Eleven To Armageddon, it's taken me through ups and downs of all sorts, plus, if I'm not wrong, it was in this blog period that The Art Collaboration, vaguely- and Muze were created. So this is a milestone blog! *sob*

Please relink me: www.cachememories.blogspot.com

I'll come running,

/ 6:39 AM
All I Want For Christmas Are...

You guys had better check Muze out, okay. I don't want to have slaved away for nothing. I just spent like one hour doing our Top 10 list and I'm dying to read my waytoointoerik fanfict, which I've missed for far too long.

I'll come running,

/ 4:52 AM

-hold on while I cool off from something-



If my mother doesn't come and ask me to redo those calendars I did for my dad, I'm going to update Muze again, this time with All I want for Christmas... and maybe a Celeb Street Style. I could do this my whole life if only I got paid to write on Muze.

I'll come running,

/ 3:34 AM
Trying To Be Like Increasingly On Blogskins.com But FAILING

you go http://gossipgirlfan.org/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=235 for 'Fearless' source, http://swimchick.net/free-resources/textures for textures used and http://blivelyfan.net/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=146 for Blake Lively source.
I love Penn Badgeley and so do you.
PLEASE CHECK OUT MUZE! it's updated! :D hahaheeheehahaho.

I'll come running,

/ 2:15 AM
One Second It Was Perfect And Now You're Halfway Out The Door

you don't have to call anymore, I won't pick up the phone.

just updated Muze again, this time with a Red Carpet Lookalike on our fave singer/celeb, Taylor Swift!!!! found really gorgeous heels at Serendipity Soul, except they're vertiginous (oh dear, Eugene's use of adjectives has rubbed off on me miraculously) and also, expensive. [the two heels I used for the post were 39 dollars and 45 (I think) respectively.] but gorgeous all the same, so...

kind of wish I could buy the eyelet dress I featured in the post. it's on sale on The Wildflower blogshop, from 59 to 15 dollars!! comes in white and black but white looks nicer, obviously :D also wish I could go back to cotton on/uniqlo/coax/alano.

I should make a blogskin, I haven't done one for daayyyys.

[/edit] 6 more posts and this blog is kaput! I need a blog name!

I'll come running,

/ 1:02 AM
My Clustr Map! My Clustr Map!



[Well, most visits were probably me, checking on the html or tags. But.... let's overlook that, shall we?]

And I have visitors from places like Peru and the Russian Federation! I have a really important message!

If you are someone I don't know, PLEASE, PLEASE, leave a tag! I'd really like to know who visits my blog and what they think of it.

And while you're at it maybe you could drop by Muze as well...? or is that pushing it ._.

I'll come running,

/ 12:46 AM
Meltdown, It's Not A Crush

It's so baking hot outside, I swore I would get a sunburn if I put so much as my little toe in the sun when I sat at the bus stop today waiting for 38 or 12 to get back home. Thank goodness it was shaded!

The batch outing today was kind of sad, especially considering it was my first (and probably last, judging by how today's went). I arrived first and hung around the MRT station for a while before Leen came, and she told me she was waiting for CY too. Then Yong turned up but moped around and didn't say anything to us. CY came unexpectedly earlier, followed by Jeremy, I think, and then Sarah. Then slowly guys started to trickle in, like Darren (so tall, damn), JM (ditto- he used to be my height!), Chia (no comment) aaand... um. Oh yes. Jlee, who arrived very very late, no?

-No other girls arrived (Nicki cancelled at the last minute *sob*) but JT turned up some time later. So we trudged around Tampines 1, not really doing anything and most of the time complaining that it was hot, 'cos us girls (fine. Sarah and I) wanted to take advantage of WHERE WE WERE and shop (what else are shopping malls for??) while the guys wanted to go arcade, bowling or to the park.

The arcade it was, since we really had nothing else to do, and I wasted (REALLY WASTED) 2 dollars on buying some card that would let me play games. 1.50 was siphoned off trying to cinch a cute stuffed giraffe (which I didn't get ultimately, of course), while the remaining 50 cents were passed to JM for whatever he wanted to do (I suspect he spent it on Dance Dance Revolution. who knew Yong was so good at dancing? I mean, really).

After a while CY and Leen had to go (Leen to.. home? and CY to cell) so Sarah and I went to the guys, got Jlee's number and happily trotted off to chomp our happy ways through our wallets, which were groaning, obviously, with anticipation. First stop minibits, where Sarah bought some stuff for a friend, and then we went to San Bookshop.

THIS IS THE DISAPPOINTING PART: they didn't let me resell the book I bought on Monday!!! It's a book on the vietnam war (american war to the vietnamese) and I bought it for my dad's birthday, but unfortunately when I gave it to him yesterday it turned out he'd already read and bought it some time ago. however, at the san bookshop they informed me that it's only resellable if you're renting. they didn't state that on the receipt!! D: I could have had 9 bucks more.

then we happily went around. Isetan didn't really have anything and neither, obviously, did Mango (SO EX), but sarah introduced me to COTTON ON and this is where I'm really happy.

I was eyeing a few things (Muze is so obviously going to be updated with Cotton On next), such as a really, really soft denim pencil skirt (it was button-up! so cute!) for 10 bucks; a Gossip-Girl-esque striped skirt for 10 bucks too; blue-yellow-and-white plaid flats for 15, I think; all their ballet flats for 15 too (they also sold 2 for 25, so initially sarah and i were planning to share) and their gladiators for -get this- 7.50.

It won't surprise, I guess, that I opted for the gladiators. I tried on the skirt, but since I'd thought that we'd go to Alano after that (we didn't) I thought I'd buy something less expensive. The gladiators came in black, dark brown and tobacco, so I bought the tobacco after MUCH DEBATE between the dark brown and tobacco. [Black is out of the question. It would match a lot more stuff but it's my humble opinion that black really cuts off feet. One thing I really was biting my lip about was that their black oh-so-soft ballet flats would've really matched the $18 sundress I bought outside Taka yesterday...]

Then we went around some more, irritated the Diva salesperson (in my opinion) by hanging around trying to decide what to buy (Yong initially wanted to buy something for Cayke, with his budget being something like $80- wow! but in the end he backed off, dumkop) and finally not buying anything, cos we wanted to eat first. Bought a nuggets meal at mcdonald's (big waste of money- didn't finish the fries nor the coke) and then went back to Diva at Sarah's behest. she bought a Pacman-like charm bracelet which was really adorable, and then we walked around- drooling at Dorothy Perkins as a slight distraction.

Arrived at Chameleon, which was a welcome haven of relatively cheap prices after seeing so many ... well, expensive stuff. Like Dorothy Perkins. Bought a really Gossip-Girl-like linenish bow pin (blue and white checks!) for 3.90, since their even-GG-ier satin bow hairbands were like 9 dollars a piece. (Somehow, I've been eyeing satin bows everywhere, hoping, maybe, to imitate GG style. I saw a beautiful grey version at Minibits which was way past my budget, and a black one at Diva, but obviously both were too ex.)

Our final destination (well, not really- we looked at a few toy shops afterwards but that was just so we wouldn't get depressed about not being able to buy Topshop) was Uniqlo. I am DETERMINED to bring Mum there; their bright blue hoodies are adorable, and they might be a bit on the ex side but they're sooo soft! Sarah and I were saying we could totally wear their kid's dresses. As tunics, of course. Also saw these gorgeous ruffled skirts, which could be worn high-waist, as shown on the mannequinn.


I'll come running,